Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Centus

I hope I do this right as I found this blog and just so wanted to try it so made a new blog of my own just for writing. 

My untied shoelace changed my life. As I leaned down to re-tie it, I kicked away a few leaves. When I turned my head slightly to look where the leaves had been, I was astonished to see a rubber-banded wad of hundred dollar bills nestled in a little indention in the muddy ground.
As I picked it up I thought of all the things I could do with the money and the temptation was there urging me to walk away and keep the money. Instead I walked into the little convenience store I was stopped at. She was in there with her small boy, frantically searching through her purse, looking for the money to purchase her items.  Searching turned to panic and I couldn’t stand it anymore.
“ Are you missing something?”
“Yes, my whole paycheck!”
She looked so terrified.
“Is this it? I found it outside.”
“Yes! Thank you!”


  1. Welcome to Mrs. Jenny's. Nice take on the prompt.

  2. You and Anita (Livin' Life) thought along the same line--honesty. Great take on the prompt! Welcome!!

  3. What a wonderful feeling it would be to return that money to someone who had lost get to see their happiness in person and know that you'd had a hand in it.

    I liked this!


  4. Thanks all. I really enjoyed this. I don't get to write as much as I would like to.

  5. Oh phew! How brilliant! I really thought it would turn out differently. Well done the good guys!

  6. I left my very nice camera at a park once (an accident, of course). The person who found it went to some trouble to return it to me. I felt so grateful and have never forgotten it.

  7. Becky, what a sweet story. I love writing from prompts...they really help on the days my brain won't kick start.

    Thanks for sharing your work. I look forward to reading you again.