Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alphabe-Thursday V

My Aphabe-Thursday V post will be on Vegetables.

I did not grow up in a house where we ate a lot of vegetables. Only when we lived in my grandmothers house (see this post) and we grew our own did we ever have a lot of vegetables. There my mother canned and pickled lots of garden produce so there were vegetables available with every meal.  After we moved away from there, because of finances (of which we had very little), vegetables came from cans and had a very small reserved spot on the plate--if they were there at all. I think this fact is why I have always tried to grow things at whatever house I lived in. Even when we lived in a little trailer park, I had herbs growing outside beside the flowers. Today I have a small garden of raised beds and I am very proud of anything that they produce. Not to mention the taste of these homegrown vegetables is far superior to those in the store. This spinach is so soft it feels like it just melts in your mouth. You don't get that from a can or bag of spinach in the stores. It could almost be a different vegetable completely.

I am trying very desperately (and with some family opposition, I might add) to break away from the meat, potato and tiny spot of vegetable mentality of eating. I am trying to make that vegetable spot BIGGER. I seriously doubt it will ever get it to the point that we are actually having a vegetarian dish as my other half would revolt but maybe he will not totally reject the southwestern salad I have planned for him for tonight. It does, after all, have some chicken in it and his beloved tomatoes and corn.


  1. I love veggies, but none of us could ever be a vegitarin. We all enjoy meat too much! I eat more veggies and fruit then the rest of my clan. It makes me feel better over-all.


  2. I am just trying to get my kids to eat MORE vegetables. Planting a garden helps, but it's a slow process.

  3. I love my veggies! However, I will always be a carnivore, meat is just too tasty...

  4. Veggies are best when home grown. I've been vegetarian for nine years now.

  5. There are days when I crave vegetables - just vegetables.....and is there anything nicer than a gorgeous dish of veggies, all bright and crunchy?

  6. When I eat dishes without veggies for a while, I start craving veggies:)

  7. We are going tomorrow to a Mennonite farm to get our first fresh verggies of the season. They are wonderful and we go several times a summer and get veggies to make pickles, relish, and salsa.

    1. Most of the farms here that I know of are U-pick It. They are nice too, because at least you put some work into the harvest. It helps you appreciate it more. I would love to have a farm where I could buy other vegetables nearby, although Mennonite and Amish farms aren't always organic anymore.