Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Writing for Self-Discovery Exercise 3

Exercise 3 -Desert Island

You’re on a desert island. You have food, water, shelter, no dangers from animals. Write about:
a)      What would you miss the most and explain why?
b)      What you would be glad to get away from .
c)       Which two objects would you like to have from home to make your life more bearable and give it some interest. (not phones, tv, computer, or radio)
d)      How you would cope with isolation and structure your time.

I, of course would miss people the most. Having someone to talk to, show things to, do things with would be the worst part. I am pretty optimistic though and think I would be able to keep my hopes up that I would be rescued so I think I would be always thinking that there would eventually be someone to tell my adventures to.
I think I would be glad to get away from living by the clock. Having to get up at a certain time, to get work done at home by a certain time so that I can be to work at a certain time. I don’t think it is necessarily natural and good for people to live this way.
Two things to take with me to make my life more bearable is a hard things to answer. The instructions say we can’t have a radio but music would definitely be sorely missed.  I guess if I had to choose other things. One would be paper and pencil (I will count them as one choice) so that I could write down the things I discover and do. I think that would keep me busy, be important to me, and also keep up hope that eventually someone would get to read it. The other thing would have to be a book. I am not sure it matters which book as long as there was something to read. The longer the book the better, I suppose.
To cope I am sure I would try to keep busy all the time. Taking care of myself would be a lot to do but there would be a lot of leisure time too so I would have to keep myself busy to keep my mind off the isolation.  As for structuring my time, I am not sure that I would structure it. I would be free to do what I want when I want. Eat when I was hungry, sleep when I was tired. I don’t think I would try to structure it.

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