Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Centus 103

The prompt this week is: "Not for profit. For comfort..."
Number of words: 100 PLUS the five words of the prompt for a maximum word count of 105
Style of writing: Any
Pictures: As many as you like

--"Wow, you have a lot of animals! It's like a mini-farm. Do you sell the eggs from the chickens?"

" Not for profit. For comfort that's what we raise animals for."

--"How do you mean?"

" We take great comfort in knowing where our meat comes from, the conditions they were raised in and what they were fed. It is the same reason we try to grow some of our vegetables as well. "

--"Well, I'm not worried about that. I know where my food comes from. It comes from the store! Ha, ha!"

"I'm pretty sure the joke is eventually going to be on you."


  1. My son had chickens for years. Those were the best eggs ever!!

  2. Ain't that the truth? I've been reading a lot about this subject lately.


  3. My cousin stills raises chickens at her house, among other wild geese and such. Breakfast is always special at her house! Very cool comfortable post! Thanks!